I have always known my calling.

At age 6 I told my parents I was going to be an artist. That summer, rather than a lemonade stand, I made an art stand on our sidewalk, selling my first pieces. The desire never left…

The tendrils of my other childhood love, gardening, grew intertwined with those of my art. Working at a garden centre, alongside teaching community art classes, helped pay my way through school. I obtained an Arts degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design, continuing on to the University of British Columbia for my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I have been, at various times, a member of The Alberta Printmakers’ Society and The Alberta Society of Artists.

After 10 dynamic years working to inspire young artists as an Art Teacher with the Calgary Board of Education, I could no longer resist the call of the West Coast. It continues to inspire me to create art in harmony with the vibrant ecosystem of the Courtney-Comox region, here on Vancouver Island, BC.